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Overview of Arbor Masters® (Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas) Services

The Dallas/Fort Worth area is known as a prairie land dotted with creeks, rivers, streams and the fertile black soil of the Texas Blackland prairies. It’s also known as a bustling metropolitan area that sees its fair share of weather extremes from scorching hot temperatures over 100°F in the summer to freak ice storms in the winter. In the midst of these weather extremes, it’s important to work with certified tree and plant care specialists to keep your landscape green and lush and maintain the vibrancy of the local beautiful live oaks.

Arbor Masters® Dallas/Fort Worth offers residents and commercial properties in and surrounding the DFW/Metroplex area access to the services of ISA Certified arborists. These trained specialists work with customers to develop a sensible and cost-effective approach to tree maintenance and treatment, including the services of large tree pruning and stump removal. All Arbor Masters® Dallas/Fort Worth staff apply ANSI A300 services to the care of woody plants, shrubs, and trees. Known for their prompt and reliable service, Arbor Masters® of Dallas/Fort Worth is pleased to offer comprehensive tree care services and plant care. Prompt estimates are also available on request.

Tree Service – Talk to the tree care specialists at Arbor Masters® Dallas/Fort Worth about how to keep your trees and shrubs healthy in weather that ranges from 100°F+ to below freezing in the winter. Pruning and removing deadwood can protect your home from power outages due to downed limbs and reduce residential property mishaps during storms.

Plant Care – Insects and diseases can destroy the health of your plants, shrubs, and trees. Let Arbor Masters® Dallas/Fort Worth eliminate issues caused by disease and insects. Experts in tree and plant health care, our Certified Arborists are trained in the detection and treatment of a wide variety of environmental issues including boring beetles, aphids, and anthracnose just to name a few.

Contact Arbor Masters Dallas/Fort Worth!

Arbor Masters – Dallas/Fort Worth Offices
1510 Jelmak St
Grand Prairie, Texas 75010
Phone: (469) 586-5829
Fax: (469) 586-5780

Certified Arborist and Tree Division Manager: Nate Day
Certified Arborist and Plant Care Manager: Steve Driskill


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