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Overview of Arbor Masters (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) Services

Oklahoma City is often the bulls-eye for severe weather patterns, particularly in the stretch of early spring to summer and again during the winter months. The extreme weather that brings droughts in summer and ice storms in the winter means it’s especially important to tend to the delicate health of trees and plants in the area. Temperature extremes cause trees and plants stress, damaging tree branches and leaves. Depending on the condition of the tree, some of this damage may not become evident until the branches or trunks become stretched to the breaking point by the winds, hail and lightening during a summer storm or from the icy weight of snow and sleet in the winter.

Arbor Masters® of Oklahoma City specializes in tree trimming and tree removal for the Oklahoma City metro area including the surrounding cities of Nichols Hills, Edmond and Norman. To keep the trees and shrubs of your home at their most vital, Arbor Masters® of Oklahoma City is proud to offer its customers the services of an ISA certified arborist. These individuals adhere to ANSI A300 Standards of how to best manage the care of shrubs, trees and other woody plants through pruning, soil management, root and integrated vegetation management, and supplemental protection systems.

Tree Service – Using the latest technology and safety standards, the arborists at Arbor Masters® Oklahoma City can keep your trees and plants healthy in all seasons. Working with Arbor Masters® is a good way to reduce the potential of tree damage from storms by pruning dead branches and removing growth near power sources and residential properties.

Plant Care – Don’t allow insects and disease to harm the health of your plants, shrubs and trees. Arbor Masters® Oklahoma City are experts in insect and disease control and can help protect and maintain the health of your trees, plants and shrubs.

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Arbor Masters – Oklahoma City Office
8405 SW 15th Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73128
Phone: (405) 495-8746
Fax: (405) 789-8020
Tree Division Manager: Jeff Deckard
Plant Care Manager: Wes Kline

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