For 59 years and counting, Arbor Masters® of Tulsa, Oklahoma, has proudly provided the best in tree trimming and tree removal services. We understand that the health and appearance of the trees surrounding your home is an important aspect of the aesthetics and curb appeal, not to mention a source of shade during the hot Tulsa summers.

In order for your landscaping to provide the maximum impact in terms of shading and reducing the energy consumption of your home, it’s important that the surrounding trees and plants are kept in top condition. Dead branches, undernourished soil and over- or under-watering can compromise the health of your plants.

Choosing a Certified Tree Specialist

Considering you’re located in a part of the state known as “Green Country,” doesn’t it make sense that your trees and plants are as lush and vibrant as possible? The certified arborists at Tulsa Arbor Masters® can diagnose troublesome issues such as unhealthy looking trees that are discolored or having bare branches. Your trees are a wonderful and long-lasting investment for your home, so why not provide them with the care that will keep them beautiful for generations to come?

Often the right tree care solution is as easy as fertilization or another safe and affordable treatment. The Certified Arborists at Arbor Masters® serve the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma, area as well as Owasso, Jenks and Broken Arrow. Accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association, Arbor Masters® offers free estimates for complete tree and plant care.

Arbor Masters (Tulsa) Services

  • Tree health assessments
  • Tree preservation advisement
  • Tree pruning and trimming
  • Tree replacement

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