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Iron Chlorosis is on the Rise

Iron Chlorosis:

Have you noticed that the leaves on your oaks or any of your ornamental trees are more yellow than green? Are the veins on the leaves still green? Have you seen any leaf or branch dieback in the tree canopy? If so, your tree may have iron chlorosis.

What causes leaves to turn yellow?

Iron chlorosis is a deficiency of iron in the soil. This is most common in areas where soil is high in clay. It can also occur due to over-watering or lack of water, poor drainage or if the tree roots have sustained any damage. Iron is vital to the tree as it aids in the production of chlorophyll. If trees are lacking in iron, it can affect the growth, make the tree more susceptible to stress and affect the overall health of the tree. In severe cases, … Read More »

Benefits of an Irrigation System

Another sunny day and it’s time to drag out the hose and sprinklers. Hoses can be cumbersome; they kink, leak and are heavy. You can save yourself time, money and frustration with an irrigation system.

Why install an irrigation system?

Trying to keep your lawn green and healthy is hard enough without making sure that it is getting enough water, especially in the summer when temperatures are in the 90’s. An irrigation system, designed specifically for your landscape needs is the solution.

What are the benefits to an irrigation system?

Water conservation: An irrigation system can be programed to water only when you want it to. Over-watering can damage your lawns health. Too much water can leach valuable nutrients from  trees and plant root zones. In addition, it can promote fungus and insects. Too much water can affect the overall health of trees and … Read More »

Keep Those Gutters Clean!

When cleaning up leaves from the lawn, don’t forget to clean the gutters too!  Keeping your gutters free of leaf and tree debris is important to the wellbeing of your home. When gutters become clogged, water and ice can back up and cause damage to your roof. In addition, blocked gutters can cause foundation erosion, wood rot, mold and insect infestations.

Routine gutter cleaning will help prolong the life of your gutters and maintain the value of your home and landscape.

Schedule your Irrigation Winterization Now

Kansas City® customers, don’t forget to schedule your irrigation turn off! Water left in irrigation pipes can expand during a freeze and cause pipes to burst, resulting in costly repairs to pipes and the irrigation system.

Avoid costly repairs and call to winterize your irrigation system before the first freeze!

Summer Watering Tips

Summer is now in full swing and the heat is on!  Make sure that you take the proper steps to keeping your lawn and gardens sufficiently watered:

Water early in the morning to allow water to absorb. Watering late at night can promote mold and mildew on plants and lawns.

Use a soaker hose for plant beds to get water directly to the plant roots.

Make sure to water your lawn evenly to avoid dry patches.

Add a good top layer of mulch (at least 3 inches) to your garden beds to help retain moisture and control weeds.

Select drought tolerant plants such as sedum, coneflower, baby’s breath, lavender, sunflowers and ornamental grasses just to name a few!

Watering your lawn depends on they type of turf and the existing conditions. Most experts state that watering one to two times a week making sure that the … Read More »

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