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Get a Jump on Your Garden


Now is the time to start you’re vegetable and flower seeds indoors. You can save money by using items you have around the house for your seed pots. Cardboard egg cartons, egg shells, toilet paper tubes and yogurt cups are great for seed pots. With the exception of the yogurt container, these are biodegradable and can be planted directly into your garden.

Freezing Summer Herbs

If you are like me, you love the taste of fresh herbs that come from the garden during the summer. Unfortunately, as we move into fall, the plants go to seed and eventually die. You can bring some of them indoors, but if space is at a premium in your house, there is an alternative; freeze the herbs for later use!

To freeze herbs you will need an ice cube tray and your favorite fresh herbs such as basil, parsley, oregano or mint. Pick the herb leaves, rinse and pat dry. Put whole or diced leaves into each ice cube section and fill half way with water or broth making sure that the leaves are submerged as much as possible. Put into the freezer until the liquid and herbs are frozen. Once the cubes have set, add additional liquid until the trays are full. … Read More »

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