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Fall is a Great Time to Plant Trees and Shrubs

Did you know that fall is a great time to update your landscape with new trees and shrubs? When you planting new trees and shrubs in the fall, it gives them time to establish their root system before cold weather sets in and the trees and shrubs begin their dormant stage.

Which Tree or Shrub is Best for your Landscape?

There are so many trees and shrubs to choose from, it is difficult to know which works best for your landscape and lifestyle. Do you want a fast growing tree? Do you need shade? Does your landscape get a lot of sun or is it mostly shaded? Before you select your new tree or shrub, there are a few rules you must follow in order to give your new landscape additions every opportunity to thrive in their new environment:

Make sure the tree … Read More »

Fall Landscape Services

The days are flying by and soon we will be gearing up for fall with the holiday season not too far behind. With so much to do and so little time, when do you find time for yard work? The solution is Arbor Masters!

What services does Arbor Masters offer?

The list of outdoor chores may seem endless. Arbor Masters is ready to help you get your landscape ready for fall and winter with these fall services:

Fall leaf clean up: Anyone who has large trees knows that raking leaves is a never-ending task. Leaving leaves on the ground throughout the fall and winter can prohibit valuable sunlight and moisture needed for your lawn to thrive. In addition, decomposing leaves can promote insect and disease if left over the winter.

Gutters: If you have leaves on the ground your gutters are probably full of … Read More »

Fall is the Best Time to Renovate Your Lawn

When is the best time to start your lawn renovation?

It may sound a bit premature to think about your spring lawn, but September is one of the best times to get your lawn ready for next year.  The warm days and cool nights in September make spring lawn preparation ideal.

Summer heat, insects and weeds can take a toll on your lawn. If your lawn has dead patches, insect issues or weeds, then now is the time to sign up for your fall lawn care.

The lawn care specialists at Arbor Masters of Kansas City and Wichita can design a program tailored to your lawns needs.

What treatments are best for your lawn?

Depending on the type of lawn you grass you have, we recommend de-thatching or power-raking your lawn to break up the thatch of grass clippings left from mowing. Turf such as … Read More »

Protecting your Trees During Summer Heat

The Midwest is set for another long, hot and dry summer. The lack of a consistent rainfall or routine watering can take a toll on the overall health of your trees. Mature trees have an extensive root system, so they are able to withstand the heat and lack of water more so than younger trees. However, lack of water can cause long term effects such as branch dieback and extended stress. To add to the problem, insects are attracted to stressed trees as they are weak and less able to ward off an infestation.

To help your trees survive the heat, Arborists recommend 5 gallons of water per inch of diameter a week for mature trees and the same amount twice a week for young or newly planted trees. For best results, water with a deep root feeder or sprinkler out … Read More »

Summer Landscaping Tips

Summer may be in full swing, but you still need to give your plants and trees some TLC.  The heat combined with insects and lack of rain can take a toll on your landscape.

Even though it is mid-summer and your landscape is in full bloom, routine care is still required.

Keep weeds at bay with a fresh layer of mulch. Mulch is a great barrier against weed while helping to retain much needed moisture during the summer heat. In addition, mulch protects your plants and trees from damage from lawn equipment.  Ideally, a 2-3 inch layer of mulch is best for landscape gardens. Feed your plants mid-season.  Heat, lack of water or too much water can affect the health of your plants.  If your soil is less than ideal, add nutrients through fertilization to help maintain valuable nutrients to sustain them through … Read More »
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