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Health Care for Your Landscape

With work, school and social activities, there seems to be little time left to do jobs around the house much less take care of your landscape! Now is the time to look into a landscape company that specializes in landscape maintenance. Arbor Masters® is that company.

Here are a few of the services Arbor Masters® provides residential and commercial customers to help them maintain the health and value of their landscape:

• Tree evaluation: Our Certified Arborists make sure your trees are healthy throughout the year. A yearly evaluation for overall health will ensure your trees and shrubs are well maintained and able to handle seasonal challenges. • Disease and insect control management: Spring and summer are the best times for insects and disease to make their way to your valuable trees. Many insects overwinter in branches and emerge in spring when temperatures … Read More »

Thousand Canker Disease Threatens Black Walnut Trees

The USDA has issued a pest alert for the Thousand Cankers Disease. The disease is caused by a fungus transmitted by the walnut twig beetle and is a major threat to Black Walnut trees in the US and the milling industry. The cankers are the result of a fungus transmitted by the walnut twig beetles which tunnels under the bark of tree. An infestation of twig beetles can cause thousands of cankers effectively killing the cambium layer. There is no known preventative treatment against this disease. An infested tree dies usually within 3 years of showing symptoms.

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