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Rabbit and Deer Damage

Deer and Rabbits Can Damage your Landscape

Sweet, doe-eyed deer and adorable rabbits are fascinating to watch as they visit your neighborhood. Unfortunately, these adorable animals are also a great source of destruction to trees, shrubs, plants and your grass.  Both deer and rabbits will eat lower, tender branches and bark off trees as well as new growth on bushes, perennials and grass. In addition, deer will scrape their antlers on trees to stake their territory and attract mates. This can cause unsightly and severe damage to the trunks cutting into the protective bark of the tree.

How do I prevent Wild Life from Damaging my Landscape?

Like deer, rabbits will dine on new grass and shrub growth, even taking them back to ground level, leaving little chance for the grass or shrubs to recover. Preventing wildlife from viewing your landscape as an all-you-can eat buffet … Read More »

Maintaining a wildlife free landscape

If you live in a rural area where wildlife is abundant, you may be battling deer that seem to think your landscape is a buffet of flowers and shrubs! There are ways to enjoy the deer and keep your gardens intact.

Nursery experts recommend a number of plants that are less appealing to deer and wildlife, but provide color and texture for your landscape. Below are just a few of the recommended wildlife resistant plants:

Anise Hyssop: from the mint family, this colorful spike-y flower has an anise scent which many wildlife dislike. Wild Bergamot: another plant from the mint family, this plant attracts bees and hummingbirds, but deer and wildlife avoid this flower because of its oregano-mint like flavor. Milkweed: this flower comes in many varieties and colors. Named for the milky-white sap, deer and other wildlife find them to be bitter tasting. Blanket … Read More »

Cute but Destructive!

During the long winter months, food sources for wildlife become scarce. Unfortunately with little plant material to eat, rabbits and deer will turn to trees, shrubs and plantings in your landscape. Rabbits and deer are cute but they are destructive and difficult to control. Newly planted or young trees are particularly attractive to wildlife. Both deer and rabbits can strip off tree bark and expose the soft cambium and sapwood layers. The cambium layer acts as the tree’s circulatory system, carrying nutrients and water vital for the tree to survive.  In addition, deer will mark their territory by scraping their antlers on trees. The deep cuts caused by their antlers can cause severe and unsightly damage and can even kill the tree. There are several ways you can protect your trees. Protective fences will help but are not always practical. Arbor Masters® of Kansas City … Read More »

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