Arbor Masters® Residential Aeration, De-thatching and Overseeding.
Thatch is a barrier between the surface of your lawn and the nutrients in the soil below. A little thatch is good, too much can be a problem. Landscapers can remove excess thatch and perform lawn aeration in order to help maintain a healthy lawn.

Why is thatch a problem?
Over time, properties that don’t maintain proper lawn aeration can accumulate thatch. Thatch is a layer of decomposing turf, dead roots, and leaves picked up by mowers and tossed back onto the grass. Professional landscapers can provide a delicate balance between good and bad thatch levels in order to keep your lawn healthy.

Thatch accumulates over time. This accumulation can prevent water and other nutrients from getting through to the roots of your lawn. It can also make insect control much more difficult.

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Arbor Masters® Landscapers are the premiere choice for lawn aeration, de-thatching and overseeding.
To prevent your thatch from getting the best of your property, let Arbor Masters® perform the de-thatching service on a regular schedule. You won’t believe the difference it makes in the beauty of your lawn. Since 1956, Arbor Masters® has understood what types of landscaping services are required to create amazing lawns.

Creating professional landscaping requires a thorough analysis. Our teams of experts can create a custom tailored program for your lawn, including lawn aeration, de-thatching, overseeding and insect control.

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