At Arbor Masters®, our emergency response team is qualified to handle storm damage caused by tornadoes, wind, snow or ice. Our crews have the equipment, experience and training required to safely remove damaged trees from homes, businesses and outside structures. Arbor Masters® is a fully insured tree care company that adheres to the strict tree care standards established by the Tree Care Industry Association.

To reach our Emergency Storm Response Teams Call

Arbor Masters® Tree Service after normal business hours at:



For storm emergencies during normal business hours, contact the local branch listed below:


Kansas City
Mark Cantrell – Certified Arborist
Tree Division Manager


Blue Springs, MO
Adam Faust – Certified Arborist
Tree Division Manager


Oklahoma City, OK
Jeff Deckard – Certified Arborist
Tree Division Manager


Tulsa, OK
Chuck Ulrich – Certified Arborist
Tree Division Manager


Wichita, KS
Arlan Bebermeyer – Certified Arborist
Tree Division Manager


Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX
Nate Day – Certified Arborist
Tree Division Manager


Click on the pages below for more information about our Emergency Response Teams:

Arbor Masters® Tree Service is a highly respected and rapid response contractor. Over the years, we have been contracted to work in Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, New York, Georgia and other states, for various tornado, wind, ice and snowstorm emergencies. Following one major ice storm in January a few years ago, we contracted with 14 different municipalities, hauling over 1 million cubic yards of debris. And with Hurricane Katrina in 2005, we hauled over 3 million cubic yards of debris and performed tree care on over 100,000 trees.