Lawn Care, Fertilization

Arbor Masters® Residential Lawn Fertilization Service
Lawn fertilization is an important aspect of the overall success of your landscape. Turf and plant fertilization helps maintain a healthy lawn and promotes the overall health of your property. A healthy lawn means a more robust environment that makes your turf stronger and less susceptible to disease. In addition, plant fertilization can provide new tree plantings with valuable nutrients which are necessary to ensure a healthy environment.

Affordable lawn fertilization saves effort and maximizes turf health
Why spend all of your time and energy mowing and weeding, when it can all go to waste without the perfect lawn fertilization program? Arbor Masters® has certified arborists on call that can help you build the perfect lawn and plant fertilization program that best matches your needs, on a budget you can afford.

Contact Arbor Masters® certified lawn fertilization service for affordable pricing today.

What is an Arbor Masters® standard lawn fertilization program for residential properties?
Although we can build a customized plan for your specific needs, Arbor Masters® bases them on a standardized 6 step process designed to maximize the health of your lawn, plants and trees.

Arbor Masters® follows a 6 step process for tree and plant fertilization:

  • Round 1 (March)
  • Round 2 (May)
  • Round 3 (June)
  • Round 4 (June)
  • Round 5 (September)
  • Round 6 (November)


This basic lawn fertilization program provides necessary nutrients, pre-emergent for crabgrass, post-emergent for weeds, and insecticide for surface feeding insects. It also treats below the surface for efficient grub control that can protect your landscape.

You can afford Arbor Masters® lawn fertilization service and tree planting! Contact us today to find out how to maximize your lawn’s beauty and health.