Arbor Masters of Kansas City Arbor Masters® Tree Service of Kansas City
The Arbor Masters® Kansas City branch has over 50 years experience with complete tree care, including tree trimming and tree removal. In addition, our Certified Arborists are the experts for diagnosing tree diseases.

Why Consider Tree Trimming or Tree Removal for your Kansas City Property?
Diseased trees can be silent killers that affect other aspects of your property. Not only can they spread fungus and disease to your landscape, but they can also harbor harmful insects. In most cases an effected tree can be treated. However, in some cases the best alternative may be to remove the diseased tree. Arbor Masters® of Kansas City are experts in diagnosing and providing the best option for you and your trees.

Contact the Kansas City Arbor Masters® Tree Service team for a free disease diagnosis, tree trimming or tree removal estimate.

Why choose Arbor Masters® Tree Service of Kansas City?
Aside from tree removals, the Kansas City tree care service team can recommend preventative programs that will help protect your trees from insects, disease and other natural threats. We’re able to help keep your trees healthy and beautiful year round.

Arbor Masters® Tree Service of Kansas City 
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Arbor Masters® tree trimming and tree removal teams serve the Kansas City Metro area, including Leawood, Lenexa, Mission, Olathe, Overland Park, Prairie Village and Shawnee.

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