Opertational Systems

Once selected as a general or sub contractor, we maintain strong operational systems to collect and process storm debris. We have also developed a comprehensive data collection and reporting system. Data collection is not only critical, but a non-negotiable in our system. Key personnel are assigned to this task 24/7 to ensure data is collected and entered properly. The manager can then monitor results and implement real-time billing. A sample form is available upon request.

Often, when called upon to work in areas that have been devastated by storms – whether ice, water, or wind, there is often an absence of housing available for the crews. Therefore, we maintain a fleet of RV’s that the crews use for temporary lodging. This means that the crews are extremely flexible in where and when they get deployed, and can setup operations in areas with no electricity or water.

Because communication is imperative to the success of the storm division, a self contained RV with an office containing high speed satellite internet is utilized as the nerve center of our command center. This allows us to keep in communication with government officials, and FEMA, even when power and phone is lost.