Arbor Masters® Over Seeding and Lawn Care
Over seeding helps revitalize bare spots created by summer stress.  A professional landscape designer can help bring back the natural beauty of your lawn.

In addition to bare spots, your lawn may show other signs of stress such as brown spots or an overabundance of weeds. A lawn renovation program, which may include aeration, over seeding, fertilization and weed control, may be just what your lawn needs to return to a beautiful and healthy state. The Arbor Masters® professional landscape designers can tailor a lawn care program specific to your landscaping needs.

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Why hire a professional for over seeding?
A proper lawn care program goes beyond over seeding. Your lawn may have other needs in order to look its best.  A professional can advise you on additional lawn care services, such as de-thatching, aeration, fertilization and weed control. Our professionals will help determine the right type and amount of grass seed needed, and the proper care required to ensure success. A different blend of seed may be suggested to make your lawn more tolerant to conditions such as insect, disease, and drought.

A compete turf care program may include fertilization and weed control.
Our experts will evaluate your lawn for weed control issues as well as symptoms of insect and disease prior to over seeding. Lastly a premium fertilizer application can ensure the proper nutrients for optimal growth.

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