SPECIAL NOTICE: The Kansas City area was hit by a strong Thunderstorm with high winds over the July  22nd – 23rd  weekend. Due to a large number of homes, businesses, and municipal areas involved with this storm our crews are being routed to as many Emergency requests for help (trees on buildings, trees on vehicles, and trees on power lines) that they can reach in one day. We are doing all that is possible with our crews working long hours with daylight to help during this time. Last night and into this morning, July 26th – 27th another heavy down pouring of Thundershowers hit the area causing, even more, requests for help. For those who are requesting regular tree services that are non-emergency work to be done please continue to work with Arbor Masters knowing that your tree needs will be taken care of as we provide relief to fellow neighbors throughout your community.  Thank you!

Upon submitting your Free Estimate Request, you will be contacted by our Customer Care team. Scheduled Appointments and Drive-bys are normally within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). During Peak Season (June – September) drive-by written estimates may take up to 72 hours to complete. 

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