Residential Tree Pruning by Arbor Masters® Tree Service
The Tree Care Industry Association says, “Tree pruning is the single best investment a property owner can make to ensure the survival and lengthen the lifespan of their trees.”

You can begin the tree pruning, or tree trimming, process when your trees are approximately one year old. After this time, proper tree trimming can enhance the overall beauty, health, safety and value of your property.

Find out how tree care can help assure the longevity of your trees. Contact the Certified Arborists at Arbor Masters® for a free estimate.

Why do people hire Certified Arborists for tree pruning services? The main reasons include:

  • Clearing low branches that obstruct view lines and grass growth
  • Forming trees into aesthetically pleasing shapes
  • Eliminating diseased or damaged branches
  • Allowing room for new growth
  • Reducing potential for storm damage
  • Cutting back growth hazards near power lines

Tree pruning is necessary to maintain a safe and beautiful landscape
It is important to remember that when removing unwanted or diseased branches from your trees, care should be taken to protect the trunk. A strong trunk and primary limbs are very important to the health and longevity of the trees surrounding your home.

Additionally, choosing the right cut during the tree trimming process is important to maintain the health of the tree.  Trimming tree branches should always be done properly by cutting on the branch side of a node. In most cases, it is beneficial to contact a Certified Arborist.

Why is Tree Trimming Important to my Property?
When properly completed, tree pruning will enhance the beauty safety of your trees and can increase the value of your property.  Make a lasting investment by requesting a certified arborist to evaluate and care for your trees.

Arbor Masters® is ready to serve all of your tree pruning and tree trimming needs. Contact us now to find out how affordable our residential tree care services can be.