BMP’s are Best Management Practices for managing stormwater runoff.

In compliance with the EPA Water Quality Act and in the interest of providing a greener, more environmentally friendly solution to handling storm runoff from buildings, parking lots and streets, many municipalities are requiring the implementation of Best Management Practices or BMP’s for pollution removal and control of stormwater.

Arbor MastersĀ® is a leader in this relatively new green infrastructure initiative. We have been building stormwater BMP’s for the past several years and have learned a lot about them along the way.

Why do we need BMP’s?

Consider these facts:

A variety of pollutants are produced in a city some of them coming from vehicles, including petroleum based products and heavy metals such as copper and zinc. Consider the number of leaking dumpsters in a large city and the bacterial pathogens they can produce. One of the most problematic pollutants is excess nutrients (fertilizer products) which cause depleted oxygen levels in our waterways and can lead to fish kills. Commercial and industrial activities within a city produce many pollutants. Another significant problem related to stormwater runoff is erosion. Due to the large amount of hard services in a city, even a modest rain event can produce a large volume of fast moving water which can cause considerable erosion, flooding and other safety issues as it overwhelms the stormwater system. Stormwater runoff is the conveyance system that transports the pollution from the city to our water sources, (the water we drink, use and play in). This pollution can be difficult and expensive to remove from our water sources.

The EPA requires states to make an assessment of the lakes, reservoirs, rivers and streams within their state and report their findings to the EPA. You can access this information on the EPA website in an easy to read format and allows you to select the state you are interested in. This information makes the need for BMP’s clear.

BMP’s capture the stormwater runoff, slow it down and removes most of the pollution before the water flows to our creeks, rivers, lakes and reserviors.

If your company or group would like to know more about stormwater BMP’s or you would like to schedule a presentation on the subject or a tour of some of the BMP’s Arbor MastersĀ® has built, please contact Pat Pinkerton at We look forward to hearing from you!