Spring Is Right Around the Corner

Spring is Just Around the Cornero-moondragon-at-work

With the exception of a few cold days and a few snow falls this year, the Midwest has had a warmer than usual winter. Hopefully spring is not too far behind!

While it is still too early to start planting, you can prepare your landscape for spring growth.

  • Late February and March are the ideal time to prune fruit trees, shrubs and ornamental grasses. Pruning trees and shrubs now while trees are still dormant will promote new growth and allow pruned areas to heal before the tree starts to bloom in spring.
  • Prevent weeds such as crabgrass, foxtail and broadleaf from overtaking your lawn with an early pre-emergent application. A pre-emergent works on the weed seeds that may over winter in your lawn and prohibits them from germinating in the spring.
  • Maintain the health of your ash trees and sign up for the Emerald Ash Bore preventative maintenance program. The ideal time to treat Ash trees is March through August.
  • Trees and shrubs that struggled last year because of insect, disease or other environmental issues may benefit from a deep root fertilization. This will not only provide valuable nutrients lost over the long winter months but help with new spring growth as well.
  • Sign up for your spring irrigation activation. After a long winter, make sure your irrigation system is working properly with a complete system check up and activation.
  • Finally, spring is a great time to plant new trees and shrubs. Once the ground is pliable enough for digging, shrubs and trees can be planted. Planting in the spring is optimum for fruit trees as it allows them to establish their root system before summer heat sets in.

Now is the time to get your landscape ready for spring growth. With so much to do and so little time, contact the landscape maintenance experts at Arbor Masters. We can tailor a program specific to your spring landscape needs.

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