Spring is Planting Time

Tree Planting Plant a Tree This Spring!

When is the best time to plant a tree all depends on the type of tree. Many trees do best in spring such as Birch, Magnolia, Poplars, fruit trees and dogwoods. Other trees do best in the fall such as crabapples, hackberry, hawthorn, elm, linden, maple, sycamore, pines, and spruces. Planting in spring or fall allows the root system to establish before summer heat or winter cold sets in.
Preparation is key When Planting your New Tree
Before you plant your new tree or shrub, there are a few rules you must follow in order to give your new landscape additions every opportunity to thrive in their new environment:
  • Select the right tree or shrub for your landscape. The Best Trees for Kansas City offers a wide variety of trees for the Midwest.
  • Do not fertilize new plantings; start out with a root stimulator application to promote strong healthy roots. Wait one full year before fertilizing. A fall fertilization will promote healthy root growth and discourage disease issues. If done too early, it can burn young new roots.
  • Make sure that your new tree or shrub is watered frequently. Experts recommend watering at least twice a week (5 gallons/inch diameter, based on the size of the tree). Continue to water as long as temperatures remain above freezing.
  • Add a top layer of mulch to protect new plantings and help retain moisture.
  • Finally and most importantly, call your local power company for locates before you dig. They can mark gas, electric, cable and water lines in your landscape to avoid a disaster.A tree is an investment for your landscape that can add value to your property.

Contact the tree the tree care experts at Arbor Masters of Kansas City and let us help you select and plant the right tree for your landscape.

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