Keeping Landscapes Hydrated

SummerWaterTips PwrPntIt is officially summer and the heat is taking a toll on lawns and landscapes. You want to make sure that your lawn and gardens are sufficiently watered throughout the summer months. Experts recommend the following steps to ensure that your gardens flourish throughout the season:

  • Keep mold and mildew at bay by watering in the early morning. This will allow water to be absorbed before the heat of the day sets in. Avoid watering at night as this can promote mold and mildew on plants and lawns.
  • For maximum hydration, use a soaker hose in plant beds to get water directly to the plant roots.
  • Make sure that your sprinkler adequately covers your lawn to avoid dry patches.
  • Keep your garden beds covered with a layer of mulch (at least 3 inches). This will not only help retain moisture (and cut down on some watering) but will also control weeds.
  • When choosing your plantings, try drought tolerant plants such as sedum, cone flower, baby’s breath, lavender, sunflowers and ornamental grasses. They thrive in the heat and require less watering.
  • Watering your lawn depends on the type of turf and the existing conditions. Most experts state that watering one to two times a week, making sure that the grass gets a good inch of water each time is sufficient to keep your lawn hydrated.

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