The Benefits of Winter Tree Pruning by Arbor Masters

When is the best time to prune trees?
Many homeowners think that the best time to prune trees is when there are still leaves in the canopy. In truth, winter is a great time to prune trees.

Why prune trees in the winter?
There are numerous benefits to pruning your trees in the winter such as:

  • Dead or diseased branches are easily identifiable
  • Cracks or splits in branches are more visible
  • Fungus, cankers or structural defects which can pose a hazard to your property are more observable
  • Pruning trees in the winter also allows the wound site to heal before spring when insects appear
  • Trees with a full canopy can hide imperfections which can cause trouble later on.

Dormant pruning can be beneficial to your trees overall health. By removing dead or diseased limbs, trees can now put their energy into new growth. For younger trees, the Arborist can help the tree to develop a stable tree form which will benefit it as it matures.  A well pruned tree does not guarantee that it will not suffer from storm damage in the future, however, it will lessen the odds and add to your trees overall health.

Have you had your trees pruned recently? Contact your local Wichita Tree Service, Tulsa Tree Trimmers, Kansas City Tree Trimmers, or the Oklahoma City or Ft. Worth Tree Trimmers at Arbor Masters and and request an inspection for your dormant trees.

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