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Proper grading is a very important aspect to your home and proper drainage can achieve a more efficient landscape. Most sites have at least one problem area where excess water is creating structure drainage, safety hazards or ruining the beauty of current landscaping.

There are two main sources of water which must be dealt with. First is the surface runoff from rain and the second source is also rain that is collected from roofs and funneled down into the gutters. One of the biggest sources of excess water in a landscape is the downspout. Without a proper drainage system that redirects the water from the downspout, the water will eventually flow into the crawl space or basement, damaging the foundation. An evaluation of your landscapes grading can determine if the grade is set to fall away from your homes foundation.

Water from these events can create puddles in the lawn, make areas soggy and unpleasant to walk through and may not be healthy for your plants, turf  or trees. In addition, it can become a breeding ground for mosquito’s. We offer several solutions on how to deal with some of these issues: grading, French drains, dry creek beds, buried downspouts, catch basins and rain barrels.

Ask our landscape designers how you can add an effective yet attractive drainage system to your landscape and keep your homes foundation dry.