Why hire a tree planting service?
Planting trees can be hard work. Arbor Masters® has the experience and knowledge to ensure a proper tree planting.  Not only do they enhance your landscape, but their shade helps to conserve energy. A professional landscape designer can help determine the best location for a new tree. The benefits of planting trees:

  • Cutting air conditioning costs up to 50%.
  • The U.S. Forest Service estimates that planting one tree generates $30,000 in oxygen, recycles $35,000 in water, and removes $60,000 worth of air pollution in 50 years.
  • Hiring a professional landscape designer can increase property values by up to 20%.

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Additional tree planting benefits
There are many benefits to tree planting on your property. The obvious includes shade, privacy, natural home cooling, wind-breaking to reduce winter heating costs, erosion control and cleaner air.

The tree planting service team at Arbor Masters® takes professional care to evaluate your landscape, keeping in mind specific requirements while helping you choose the right trees.

Professional tree planting services should involve:

  • Placing trees in pleasing locations to get the best results
  • Best practices to ensure fast growth and long-term survival
  • Studying the soil, location, weather and adjacent species for healthier tree planting

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