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Fertilization & Weed Control

Keep your turf tough.

A healthy lawn means a tougher turf that is less susceptible to disease. And that starts with fertilization.

Don’t waste hours of energy mowing and weeding, if you don’t have a hard-working lawn fertilization program. With our six-step annual process, we help you maximize the health of your lawn, as well as your plants and trees. Because when your lawn is healthy, your whole property sees the benefits. Our certified arborists can even custom build a program that matches your needs and your budget.

6-step fertilization program

Our program provides all the goodness and nutrients your lawn needs. Like pre-emergent for crabgrass, post-emergent for weeds and insecticide for the pesky surface-feeding insects. This program is anything but surface-level – it also treats deep below the surface to keep grubs under control and protect your landscaping.

Wasted weeding is a waste.

We can help. Whether you’re a weekend gardener or lawn maintenance fanatic, weed control can be tricky. You can spend hours getting rid of weeds, only to find them reappear after your hard work.

Don’t waste your time – call on our lawn service team to get the right weed control plan in place, so you can enjoy a healthy and weed-free yard.