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A Holistic Approach to Tree & Plant Health

A plant is a citizen of its ecosystem. And like all living things, plants can get sick without proper treatment. 

At Arbor Masters, we believe that the health of a tree or shrub or grass for that matter, are dependent on a wide number of factors. Poor soil quality can affect the types and amount of nutrients the plant is getting, reducing foliage. Reduced foliage can in turn provide too much sun on certain types of grass. 

At Arbor Masters, we know that your plant health care is dependent on a wide number of factors. Whether it’s root flare excavation, vertical mulching, insect and disease control or fertilizer that’s exactly right, our team of plant health care specialists offer several services that will restore and preserve your overall tree and plant health.   

Our team’s plant health care experts, otherwise known as Arbor Advisors, will provide your trees and plants with the thorough and informed care they deserve.  

Fully Accredited and Certified Tree & Plant Health Care Services

Our Tree & Plant Health Care Services

Plant Health Care is a comprehensive approach to maintaining the health and vitality of plants. It includes a variety of practices, such as fertilization, pruning, pest control and disease prevention. Plant Health Care is important because it helps to keep plants healthy and productive. It can also help to prevent the spread of pests and diseases to other plants in your yard. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tree & Plant Health Care

  • Our Arborists have the experience and training to detect potential tree and plant problems before they become life-threatening, and they can prescribe services for trees and plants to prevent problems. 
  • Arborists can consult with other landscape and lawn care services to coordinate treatments. 

Trees that endure repeated, severe, or ongoing stress enter a cycle of decline, focusing on survival and becoming more susceptible to pests and diseases. Plant health care programs can help prevent this by keeping trees healthy from the start.

  • Because each program is individually designed to fit the needs of a particular landscape, accurate pricing will depend on findings from one of out certified Arborists’ site visits and assessment. You may have an interest in developing a plan for a few key trees in your landscape, or have the entire landscape placed on a program. 
  • Arbor Masters’ customers can also obtain financing through GreenSky. Contact your local Arbor Masters office to learn more about financing your project. 

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