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Pruning by a tree surgeon may not always be enough to keep your property intact for the long term. Even with the best pruning, trees that are structurally unsound may still be a hazard. Arbor Masters® Tree Service can help you keep the structural integrity of your trees through cabling and bracing services. We’ve been the experts in this delicate science since 1956 and we can help you.

Cabling and bracing are tree care practices that use cables and/or braces to support weak or damaged branches or trunks. It is used to prevent trees from splitting or falling during storms, high winds or other events that could put them at risk. Cabling and bracing can also be used to improve the health and longevity of trees. These are complex processes that should only be done by qualified arborists, so if you are considering cabling or bracing a tree, it is important to consult with us to ensure that the work is done correctly and safely.

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Fully Accredited and Certified Tree Cabling & Bracing Services

When to Consider Cabling and Bracing for Your tress

Cabling and bracing trees are proactive and preventative techniques to support a tree with poor or weak structure. These techniques can help to strengthen weak branches or limbs, reduce the risk of tree failure or splitting, reduce stress damage caused by high winds, help support the weight of ice, snow, or heavy foliage and reduce the risk of potential injury or property damage. Cabling and bracing can also extend the life of a tree. Read more for specific benefits of cabling or bracing.

Trees with multiple trunks

Trees with multiple trunks are more likely to split or fall during a storm. Cabling and bracing can help to keep the trunks together and prevent them from splitting.

Trees with heavy limbs

Trees with heavy limbs are more likely to break off during a storm. Cabling and bracing can help to support the limbs and prevent them from breaking.

Trees that have been damaged by storms

If a tree has been damaged by a storm, cabling and bracing can help to prevent further damage and keep the tree upright.

Trees near structures or high-traffic areas

Trees near structures or high-traffic areas are more likely to cause damage if they fall. Cabling and bracing can help to reduce the risk of this happening.

If you are concerned about the health or stability of a tree on your property, it is important to consult with a certified arborist. They can assess the tree’s needs and recommend whether cabling and bracing is the right solution.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Cabling & Bracing Services

When pruning trees doesn’t provide enough protection, we can provide alternative plans using tree bracing or cabling to help restore your trees to optimum health. Arbor Masters uses these two techniques to extend the life of a tree that has structural problems caused by neglect or storm damage.

Storm damage, including lightning strikes can severely compromise their integrity. If left untreated, a tree has the potential to cause damage to your home and surrounding property. An Arbor Masters tree surgeon can provide the best bracing recommendation for your trees.

Our tree surgeon begins by installing steel cables between major limbs. This helps reduce strain from the weight of limbs and leaves, or snow and ice. Once the tree surgeon has identified the compromised limbs of the tree, the installation and cabling can begin.

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