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Stump Grinding

Dead tree stumps are major eyesores.

The longer you wait, the more likely it is that your eyesore will become a problem to your grass, plants and even your home.

We’ll handle the hassle and mess so you don’t have to. Our team is trained to spot potential problems, recommend solutions and get to work – making sure stump removal is an easy and affordable process for you. Plus, we’re known for our superb safety standards.

Arbor Masters can help grind stumps

Benefits of Stump Grinding

Safe & sensible

Our team is trained to spot potential problems and handle stump removal safely and sensibly – saving you the mess, and the splinters.

Stops fungus & parasites

Stump grinding and removal is a proactive way to rid yourself of fungus and parasites that love to set up camp in dead tree stumps.

Spares your lawn

When a dead tree stump sits for too long, it can spread disease to your lawn and nearby plants, leaving you with a lackluster and unhealthy lawn.

Saves you money

Our crew offers competitive and affordable stump grinding and removal, and can work with you to customize the jobs to your needs.