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We can help with that insect infestation.

Don’t let that dead or damaged tree ruin the beauty and health of your property. Most insects are attracted to weakened or dying trees, or trees that have suffered the stress of drought, lightning, or diseases. Insect infestations can go unnoticed until it’s too late. Regular tree fertilization and pruning helps keep your property beautiful and vibrant. But when insect infestations do hit, we’re able to take care of the problem as painlessly as possible.

We’re proud to say we can take care of most insect infestations, including:

emerald ash borer

Arbor Masters tree fertilization and insect control programs take precautions to ensure that your family and pets are not harmed during the treatment phases. Homeowners should carefully follow all instructions that our tree care professionals provide while on site.

Tree fungus and disease aren’t pretty.

Even the most well cared for trees can fall victim to fungus or disease.

And it isn’t pretty. Fungus and disease can cost you your trees, quickly. That’s when you need an educated and experienced arborist. Our team can catch problems early, and treat quickly. Saving you time and tree damage in the long run.

Whether your trees are suffering from root rot and cankers to anthracnose and mildew, we can design a custom treatment to get your trees back on track.

Fully Accredited and Certified Insect & Disease Control for Trees

Benefits of Disease & Insect Control for Trees

There are many benefits to insect and disease control plant and tree treatments. Some of the most common benefits include:


Insect and disease control treatments can help to prevent insects and diseases from damaging your trees in the first place. This can save you time, money and stress.


Insect and disease control treatments can help to protect your trees from damage, even if they are already infected. This can help to keep your plants healthy and productive.

Increased yields

Insect and disease control treatments can help to increase the yields of your trees. This can be especially important for commercial growers.

Improved appearance

Insect and disease control treatments can help to improve the appearance of your trees. This can make your trees more attractive and enjoyable to look at.

Healthier trees

Insect and disease control treatments can help to keep your trees healthy. This can make them more resistant to pests and diseases and can also help them to thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions About Disease & Insect Control Services for Trees & Plants

Some of the most common insects that damage trees include: 

  • Aphids: These small insects suck the sap from trees, which can weaken them and make them more susceptible to disease. 
  • Caterpillars: These insects can chew holes in leaves and flowers and can even kill young trees. 
  • Scale insects: These insects attach themselves to trees and suck the sap, leaving behind a sticky residue. 
  • Whiteflies: These insects are small, white flies that can damage trees by sucking their sap and transmitting diseases. 
  • Termites: These insects can damage wood, including the wood in your home. 

Some of the most common diseases that affect trees include: 

  • Powdery mildew: This disease causes a white, powdery coating to form on leaves and stems. 
  • Rust: This disease causes orange or brown spots to form on leaves. 
  • Leaf spot: This disease causes spots to form on leaves. 
  • Anthracnose: This disease causes leaves to wilt and die. 
  • Bacterial wilt: This disease causes plants to wilt and die. 

There are a number of things you can do to prevent insects and diseases from damaging your trees, including: 

  • Plant healthy plants. 
  • Water your plants regularly. 
  • Fertilize your plants appropriately. 
  • Thin out your plants to allow for good air circulation. 
  • Remove any dead or diseased plant material. 
  • Monitor your plants for signs of insects or diseases. 
  • Treat any problems promptly. 
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